​APF | SBI  International Piano Festival 

 ​​Samuel Barber Institute

To inspire, educate, and transform aspiring young pianists
July 27 - August 6, 2017
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
One of the foremost summer programs for pre-college and college-age pianists

About    ​APF | SBI Piano Festival

We seek to create a nurturing and rich learning environment to engage pianists of all ages to learn, improve and musically communicate through private lessons, performances, lectures, forums, and concerts by ​​​​​​ renowned faculty and guest artists .   Building upon our own experiences with music education programs worldwide, we have created a specialized curriculum to address all aspects of piano study and music appreciation.   The facilities in the School of Music at  West Chester University of Pennsylvania offer one of the best learning environments for music study in the United States, with 111 Steinway pianos, and state-of-the-art all-Steinway  practice rooms.  
We offer a set of innovative curricula focusing not only on pianistic development, but also the fundamentals of music training and musicianship.  Our classes, lessons, and concerts enhance our students' musical experience and equip them with the essential tools needed to become a professional musicans,    
Our faculty consists of world-acclaimed  pianists, professors, who are  prize winners at international piano competitions with established  teaching careers in  conservatories and universities worldwide.

  1. West Chester University of Pennsylvania
    With a history of over two hundred years, West Chester University of Pennsylvania is one of the first public universities in the United States. The Swope Music Building is the home to the School of Performing Arts within the College of Arts and Humanities The charming town of West Chester is located 25 miles west of Philadelphia, offering an abundance of boutiques, shops, and restaurants.
  2. Study with Confidence
    In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities, experienced and acclaimed faculty, as well as a focused and comprehensive curriculum, the festival provides brand-new, 2-3-unit bedrooms with shared bathrooms in each unit. The new Lawrence Center Dining Facility provides balanced and nutritious meals. Pianists will be housed together in the same hall, encouraging them to enjoy shared musical experiences and to establish lifelong friendships.
  3. International Students
    West Chester is less than two hours from two major metropolitan areas: New York and Washington, D.C. It's convenient to arrange additional cultural tours. We recommend you consult the U.S. Consulate to arrange proper visas and travel documents necessary prior to traveling. Some faculty and staff have a working knowledge of different languages and may be able to provide translation and help.

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Why   ​APF | SBI Piano Festival?  

Our students have the privilege to:
  • Receive individual lessons by successful pianist, offering professional  insights into music literature and technique trainings;
  • Enhance their piano performance  in short period of time, and gain confidence on and off the stage;
  • Immerse yourselves in a complete music environment, and in a  curriculum focusing especially on individual develpment;
  • Build friendships with likeminded young musicians, and to share your thoughts and experiences of  piano study;
  • Broaden their musical horizen and understand how music can help advancing career and enriching life in the long run.
In addition to many traditional course of study, we focus on individual development, and chamber music experience to guide students in becoming more capable and mature musicians.  We selected exceptional professional pianists and educators with distinguished academic and performing background to teach at the festival.   ​West Chester University of Pennsylvania offers an all-Steinway facility with carefully maintained instruments through out forty plus practice rooms.  With the help of our talented and enthusiastic faculty and advisors, we are able to offer our students a valued program at a fraction of cost for other summer festivals.